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     Fountain water show is not only an artistic landscape, but also a platform for cultural expression and emotional transfer, is the regional culture and city charm window. However, how to design a highlights, features, cost-effective musical fountain? Need to do the following links:

The Budget and Demand

    The first part of the fountain design is the customer to have a relatively clear budget and demand, which is crucial. Whether it is the general direction of the fountain design, or the nuances play a key role in the decision. Can let the designer more accurately designed to meet your budget and demand for design programmes, to avoid major deviations, can more efficiently promote the design progress.

 The Project Research

     According to your needs, the construction environment of the fountain project, the surrounding environment, regional culture, crowd characteristics, as well as similar projects around the understanding and communication, to ensure that the fountain project can be suitable for the site environment, in line with the public's preferences, and at the same time have a certain competitive advantage.

The Concept of The Proposal

     According to the known information, the fountain project planning proposal, from the design objectives, creative ideas, cultural expression, competition strategy and other aspects of the formation of the project plan delivered to you, so that the two sides in the general direction of the fountain design to reach a consensus, more accurate and rapid advancement of the project.

 The Design Programme

    Design plan is extremely creative a link, the designer needs from culture, art, lighting, music, fun, safety and other aspects of in-depth and careful consideration, repeated optimisation and adjustment, and ultimately the formation of distinctive, highlights of the creative design solutions, and to effect diagrams, PPT or animation demonstration form to show you, so that you have a clear idea of the final presentation of the effect of the fountain water show.

The Construction Programme

    Construction programme is a rigorous, considerations, and challenging links. In this process, we have to use professional knowledge and experience, to overcome all kinds of difficulties in the construction environment, to ensure the smooth implementation of the project. At the same time, the construction programme, the choice of materials and the engineering techniques are repeatedly reviewed to optimise costs and improve results wherever possible. Eventually, construction drawings and quotation lists are formed to give you an accurate understanding of the fountain's construction method and construction costs.

    Do you want to have a musical fountain with characteristics, highlights and stunning? Choose us to accompany you to witness its birth.

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